Vote “YES” for Mexican American Studies

Say “YES” to Mexican American Studies

There seems to be a lot of gaps in our US history course. Texas history in particular, skims through the important contributions of its founding countrymen… the mexicanos and their indigenous ancestors.

While I agree with many that the State’s educational system needs a complete reboot, I also believe in advocating for the implementation of Mexican American Studies.

Eighty-eight percent of the Texas Latino population are of Mexican origins. That’s 88 percent of the population that is currently underrepresented in legislative matters. Legislative matters that have all but failed to peak the interest of this large immobile electorate. Some studies have shown a correlation between education and voting turnout.

What Mexican American Studies aims to do is connect the missing pieces of the history. It aims to open children’s eyes into their rich cultural ancestry. When students at Arizona’s Tuscan Unified School District began learning about their culture, exam scores went up. They became civilly involved and active participants in their communities.

Ask the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) to vote YES for Mexican American Studies.

Voting will take place on April 9. Contact your representatives.


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